Animation regarding cycle rotation

hey blender heads.

I’m trying to achieve an animation with a logo rotating around its pivot point,like the earth
rotates around in space as an example.

I set my my 1st key frame to 0
and my last key frame to 360,so it does a full loop around its pivot point(centre)
I even go to the graph editor and choose: key frame interpolation to linear,but still that little snapping is annoying.
any way to fix this?

as an example I have this blender animation logo of what I’m trying to do. And I think if you notice carefully
even this guys logo has a bit of a snap at some point.

thank you.

Ps: Any links to a video tutorial I’ll appreciate,I’m trying to locate some,unless any good blender head would
like to make one and share with me.

Kind regards.

I dont know what u mean by snapping. But if u want to make rotation “seamless” dont set first and the last frame on same position. Meaning 0=360. So when rotation ends on 360 and than starts on 0 the rotation is same for 2 frames.

I hope i understood your problem and that u find this helpful.

Take care.