Animation Render missing Frames

So I have a short run cycle set up, 18 frames, and it will run through just fine, the whole cycle. But when I render it into a video it only renders half the animation, so his legs go through half the run cycle then start over.
To make the run cycle I copied the firs half and pasted flipped for the second half, creating keyframes as I went. Any help would be awesome.
Monster.walk cycle.blend (1.29 MB)

Hi and welcome to the forum!

Works fine for me. Here’s what I did: I opened the file, played the animation in the 3d view, works fine. I started to render one frame, noticed you were using cycles, stopped the render. I’m on a temp machine, very low spec and slow to render cycles scenes. So I switched to blender’s internal render, assigned a material to the mesh & a sun lamp to the scene. Now a single frame renders for me in 3.7 seconds, so I rendered out the animation. Opened the video file with VLC media player and the entire 18 frames are there, a complete walk cycle.

Here’s a couple of tips/pointers for you… first off, never ever, ever, ever, (did I say never?), ever, render out to a video file format. You should always render out to an image format to a folder someplace on your HD. This way, you get one single image for every frame. Now you’ll be able to check and see if all 18 frames rendered, as you’ll have 18 images if they did render. From here on out, it’s a simple matter to load all the images into blender’s VSE (video sequence editor) and create a video by rendering the image sequence.

I don’t know how you were viewing your finished animation video, but your media player might be at fault. The animation is 18 frames, your settings are the default 24 fps, (frames per second), so you are creating less than a second of video. Maybe your media player isn’t so good with a short clip like that?

Anyhow, rendering to an image sequence is always best, this way if something happens while rendering a long animation, you can check to see what frame was rendered last, and re-start the rendering at the next frame.

Hope this helps you to see what might be happening, where to trouble shoot your problems at.