Animation render settings/limit

Dear Blender Masters!

Can i limit the render animation quality to material or texture…
In Render Cycles!!!
Just wanted to check the movements on the scene… (no need for light, shadow etc. render)

just run and save couple of different versions…

I know i can preview the movement in the timeline play but it is not real time.

And turn down the sampling and/or resolution numbers are not good to preview.

Any ideas are wlcome and thank You!


Scene / Simplify options

If you only want to preview movement then just use the OpenGL viewport render (Render / OpenGL Render Animation menu)

First, you posted your question in the wrong section. Second, use the Playblast feature by pressing Ctrl and the Clapper button on the 3d view. It’s the last button in the right.

ok Sir’s!
Xeroshadow You are right!
And thanks for the help!