Animation Render Settings

Hello all,


Ive decided to move beyond basic 3d animation and into camera tracking. I decided to get started with a video i took on an HD camera (1080p, 60fps). It comes off the camera in a .mts format. Playing it in windows media player it looks crystal clear, incredibly smooth (looks like it is playing at full fps). So I put it in blender and the format seems kinda buggy in the movie clip editor. Eventually I use the vse to render out to PNGs at full res, 60fps.

My question:

So, before I do any tracking and adding to my footage, I want to figure out how to render it. I can make a PNG sequence fine at 60fps. But I have no idea about video formats and codecs. I think I should have less fps in the final render, like 24 or 30. But how would I accomplish this? Wouldn’t it make for choppy video if I used 24 fps from 60? My other question is what video settings to use to get sharp 1920x1080 that can be played on most computers (windows media player)? It seems if I use h.264 I can’t play it in WMP (running windows 7). I don’t really understand anything about codecs or formats. I just want a reliable, hd video file as a final render.

Go ahead and throw out any help you can give. People who have made HD animations, how do you encode them, and can you play them in a program like WMP? I feel like there should be some way to export a render as good hd for WMP because my computer can play the original .mts perfectly.

Thank you for your time and any help you can give!

I didn’t work with .mts but I think I would try VirtualDub or Avidemux to split it in a sequence. If none of them could open file then I would take SUPER converter (eRightSoft) to turn video stream into some other codec.