Animation render skips

To put it in simple terms, I render out an animation to H.264 with a bitrate of 42000 a minimum rate of 9000 and maximum rate of 42000.

I do this, because I understand very little about video processing. When the render finishes, it’s very smooth and nice on my TV, just a little motion problems occasionally, but I can deal with it.

Now the big problem is when I play it in VideoLan vlc or windows media player. It stalls and skips and is impossible to view. The media players practically crash. I’m not a complete dunce, so I know, that I don’t have it tweaked correctly for pc playback.

Can someone give me a quick rundown on what a good setting is for playback on a pc. I forgot to mention, that I want to play it at 1920x1080. This is because if I can render it well for the PC, I assume it would work fine on my TV. Also, my android device plays 1920x1080 movies.

How can I render out for this in Blender.

btw - I first render to single image files and then I combine in the video editor in Blender. That works well for me. I thought I would mention it, in case someone recommends some additional media steps I might have to take.

Ok, I’ll rephrase my question - What is the recommended setup to render a smooth playback at 1080p in a media player?