animation rendering cache

Wow, so after 56 hours of solid rendering, blender crashed and my first scene was nearly done rendering. The AVI file is broken and won’t play so there’s only one other question that still remains. Blender created a cache folder with a lot of data about this project. The data is nearly 2.5 Gig’s large inside this folder. Is there anyway that I can use this cached folder to get back my rendered scene so I don’t end up losing two and a half days worth of render time? The file types are of BPHYS…Blender Physics maybe? I’m not sure. What I am sure of is I am totally screwed out of a hell of a lot of render time if I can’t use this cached folder for anything. Please help. Thank you in advance.

Sorry to hear it! I don’t know about that cache, but for future I strongly recommend you render to a sequence of images such as PNG. If the system crashes, you can pick up where you left off instead of starting over. You can use Blender’s sequence editor or another program like virtualdub to assemble the images into a video.

I’m way ahead of you for the rendering of images idea, but why would there be a cache folder created with so much data for no reason?

Do you have physics simulations in your animation (cloth, fluids etc)? I think you’re right about bphys files being physics cache.