animation rendering problems

I made a scene with a cool mars car going across a bumpy mars terrain. The animations are simple, just the car going straight forward and the camera going slowly down, but the animation render didn’t finish after an hour passed. So is their a fast external animation renderer? Also I have anti-aliasing turned off and resolution at half, what should I do?


You should wait for longer - 1 hour isn’t long for an animation to render. Most external renderers produce more realistic images, but they are not usually faster.

To speed up the render, you will need to optimise your scene to make each frame render as fast as possible. Don’t use raytracing, use buffered shadows instead. Remove unnecessary geometry. Bake any procedural textures to UV mapped images. Use approximate ambient occlusion instead of raytraced AO.

Remember to render your animation to a series of still images (e.g. PNG) instead of directly to a movie format (e.g. AVI). You can use the video sequencer to assemble them into a completed animation later. The advantage is that you can stop the render at any time and just carry on rendering from the next frame.

Good luck.

Thank you so much it takes like five minutes now!