Animation rendering

Hi I am new here so I would like to firstly say hello.

I am currently working on a short animation for my portfolio, working at the moment using eevee. I really like eevee as an engine as it is fast and I can get results almost instantly, however in comparing rendering I have found that Cycles gives off a slightly better resuts for some things where as eevee also gives off a very good result for others.

I am wondering if anyone could give me some advice in which would be better for rendering my final animation? or would you possibly suggest I render with both and combine the results in post?

what is the best idea when rendering a final animation would you say?

thanks again

Welcome to Blenderartists! My 2c, I’ve used all the Blender render engines over the years, and we are so lucky now having eevee. More and more I’m trying to use it for animations, but there’s still a lot to be gained from using Cycles in certain situations. It really depends on your animation style, the look you want to get, and what you are happing living without. So far eevee has no good motion blur for instance, and this is often important in a lot of animation styles, or maybe you want to use microdisplacement in your materials. But you can also do most of your work in eevee, and compare with Cycles as you go, and see which engine suits your work best, and whether the speed advantage for eevee is enough of a benefit. I’m trying to find ways of combining passes from both for some rendering efficiencies now too.

OK, so I’ve pretty much said ‘make up your own mind’ I guess. Please, someone else say something more useful.

Good luck!