Animation Request

I’m sorry, if this topic is at the wrong place. I’m not sure. If it’s wrong here, it would be nice to move it to the right place. I’m also sorry for the poor quality of my English, i’m from Germany.

A friend of mine wants to make a little film, and I want to help him. We want to make something like a news report on TV, but comedy-like. It’s non commercial, of course, but we need to give up our rights on the film material, when we want it to be shown on TV.
One important point of the film would be the intro.

I tried Blender some months ago, and it was too hard for me. I also asked in the Ogre board, and some people there gave me the advide, to ask here. Ok, I thougt, Ogre would perhaps be a bit easier, than Blender or so, because it has some effects, Blender doesn’t have (I never used Ogre, its too hard, to code in C and use Ogre…), but the demonstration is very impressive (the stonehenge).
I’ve also seen the Blender movie “Elephants Dream” and it was also very impressive, but I think, it’s much harder to create the intro in Blender. Ofcourse, it exists the posibility, that it isn’t so, I’m no expert in rendering.

So I thought, that i could eventually put my request here, because I know, that here are people, who have the skill to make this. And perhaps, one you is so friendly to make an intro for our “little” project.

It shuold be something like a rotating globe, with a few effects like them in the stonehenge demonstration, which is very impressive. It needn’t to be perfect, only a rotating globe and a movement of the globe through the screen and few graphical effects, to make it a little bit interesting and impressive. It should’nt be too slow, but it should have a duration of about 5 to 10 seconds. Thats the last required thing.

It would be really nice form you to help us. The Scene will be broadcasted on the BR (Bayerischer Rundfunk, the Bavarian TV).
Of course Blender would be named and you would be named, too. Of course only, if you want to be named.

Many greetings from Germany

I am no expert on Ogre, but you will need meshes and stuff so you’ll probably need blender to model anyways.

I would disagree with Ogre being better to render it with too, since blender isn’t just a rendering engine you could do some compositing with it and make a green screen stuff and stuff…

heres a tutorial

so… what’s this ad going to say, exactly?