Animation resource/example files

Well here I am at work boring my brains out waiting to get home and do a bit of work in blender. The problem I tend to have though is that by the time I get home and get sat down in front of the computer it’s getting on a bit and going to bed at 2 every morning is not good specially having not achieved much because I’ve spent loads of time playing around trying to work stuff out and either doing it way too slowly or just failing…

Now now, wipe the tears from your eyes here is my suggestion. Rather than a bunch of tutorials, perhaps we could have a resource of animation sample files? Say I’m a newbie, and I can’t quiet work out how to do X. I have a look at a list of sample files and say ah! There! that one shows you how to make someone walk and wave their hand! That one shows how to make them walk along a path for a bit, stop, scratch their arse, run off and then fall over. That one shows you how to get some to pick something up and walk off with it, that one shows you how to make two spaceships fly about a bit and shoot at each other. Open up the blend, it has a text file in that says look at this, look at that, that’s how it fits together that’s all there is to it.

If people are up for it, I don’t mind starting off with a walk cycle or two… any thoughts?

i can’t really help, but i wanted other peoples blender files to see how they done it, how other people make walk cycles, how they manage lights etc…

so it is simple, for me, go to

and in the search, type (without the quotes)

" -h -h filetype:blend "

and from there, google turned up loads of blend files, 87% of the time clicking on the links lets you download the file straight away, while in a few cases you are taken to a site where you download the file, and just twice it did not work,

in a hour, i got over 300 blend files, which guided me on how to do everything from walk cycles to wounderful camra movments, all really helped

hope this helped


Thanks, that is quiet useful actually. Didn’t know google could do that - but then again I never thought of trying! Well maybe I can pool a bunch together and use them to make some sample files and upload them somewhere - I’ll see how it goes.


Wow, I didn’t know that either. So simple and helpful.

What does the “-h -h” parameter accomplish?

Wow, that’s really cool. :slight_smile: I’m having a blast opening up these random .blend files…it’s like christmas, you never know what the next one is going to be. :wink:


i am really happy you all liked it, thanks !!

i have tried many different combinations of parameters, and by simply putting “filetype:blend” the awsome search engine will not come up with anything, so -h -h is a simple parameter i thought of that allows google to search for nearly every blend file on the net, and does not exclude much, in fact , thinking about it

" -0011111 filetype:blend " may be a better choice , as this parameter includes every file,

-0011111 filetype:blend <<---- use that one instead !!

and happy blending !!!

          (i found some really helpful blend files using google like this, and 
             i hope you find this useful as well)