Animation : Santa & Satan

Here is a short animtion I did for My client.
I am a beginner in animation so please dont be hard. :o

here is the link-

Tell me how much should I had charged for doing this.
I did only the animation and editing and renderingpart, no storyboarding, sound, music etc.


lmao! That was funny. I like the toon shade on the character model, and the animation was ok. Since it’s a cartoon animation, I’ll give you 3/5 stars.

Really funny,
thanks for posting. Production looked a bit quick of course, but I loved watching it. Did you have an easy time working in Blender? Did you use the Game Engine or just a toon shader?

Merry Christmas
/ Mats

I used toon shader. and for facial animation - I pasted a movie file on the face by following this tutorial -

How much should I have charged for this?

great animation!! really smooth, i really like it!

at least 300 dollars
looks like a full 40 hour week
research and resources, collecting info 8 hr
modeling scene 8 hr
modeling and rig characters 8 hr
animating scene 3 hr
animating charters /textures, 5 hr
lighting and animating camara, rendering 4
tweeking 8 hr

7.50 / hr = 300

I like toon style animation, so i just had to stop by and say how cool this is. A couple of questions. In the tutorial I noticed that they didn’t do anything to make the empties stay on the mesh, did you parent them to the mesh or something for the animation? did you use animated GIFs for the movies and when a movie clip reaches its end does it stay on the last frame or loop. Sorry for all the questions but I am very interested in mixing 2D and 3D animation and have not found much information on it.

Thanks every one .

@Postmodern_Boy -
I parent the empty with relevent bone e.g. empty for head texture parented to head bone so that when bone moves, empty moves accordingly.

I used avi for the movie and it stayed on the last frame.

LOL “mind if i cocktail in ur cab?” santa drinking out of a paper bag haha
great stuff , wasnt the greatest animation but neither is south park, but cus its funny its great
nice work