Animation scaling problem

I am creating a simple animation.
My 2 first frame are just a movement from one point to the other. But the 3th one is a scale. So I proceed that way

  1. I choose my frame
  2. Move my cube to the place where I want it to be scaled
  3. I press S, and I make it big.
  4. I press i and I choose scale.
    What it is happening: when I start the animation, right on the first frame the cure is already bid, it should get big only when it arrive at the 3 th frame.
    Ok I have to enter both the i.

Now how to erase a frame?


I think what you are looking for is how to delete a keyframe.

Open the Ipoeditor - with your object selected you will see the IPOs you have created by setting keyframes - select the IPO in question - change to Editmode in the IPOWindow with Tab - now you can select the controlpoint corresponding your Key and Delete.

If you want to delete all Keys within a frame - press K in IPO window and you will see vertcal lines, representing your Keyframes - select and delete.