Animation scripting format?

I’m entering a script into a short film award - I’m wondering is there a different format in scripting for animation than live action as i’ve nevr actually had the cahnce to see an animation script!!? Anyone have any examples?

I don’t think so. Beside the fact it’s an animated short, there is still a plot, character, place… you might add quick drawings of the scene and character…

They don’t actually need any production stuff yet - they just want the scripts for now. I’m just asking is format different from live action eg:


A stag is grazing.

POV in the grass. Setanta is salking the stag.

Is the aniamtion scripts wrote the same?

Animation uses the screenplay format for scripts. (Some studios might use the ad script or a teleplay variant, but if they don’t specify any of these, it’s surely a screenplay).

There seems to be an unspoken concession that parentheticals are allowed to be more descriptive and that the four-line paragraph limit can be breached as you have a lot to describe. However, in a contest, it might be important to appear professional, so try and stay within the limits of the usual format. Large parentheticals usually can be moved to the action lines, and you can always start a new action paragraph (be warned that this, conventionally, indicates a new shot).

Proofread, check spelling. Don’t use camera directions or transitions (rather, describe the images), don’t add concept art or storyboards (unless they tell you to), don’t “pepper” it with graphics or fancy fonts, don’t use “we see” or “to us” (i.e, avoid reader intrusion). If you can, hold the MOREs and CONT’Ds.