Animation section on Blenderartists?

Earlier this year, Malefico brought up the idea of an animation section on for people to post just animations for critiquing and nothing every happened. I know that the mods are very busy but it has been awhile since this was mentioned and I seem to remember Fligh saying he would talk with the main guy about it.
Was this idea shot down or is it a case of the delayed section?
By the way, I’m not trying to sound impatient or anything.

basse was actually the one who brought it up in the mods forum. Nothing happened so he shouted it louder, still nothing so he stamped his feet. Now it seems they’re all waiting to see what he does next rather than just do it. What can I say, BA is notorious for its lag time.


Ah, I see. Is there anything we users can do to speed it along? :eyebrowlift2:

I submitted a proposal for volunteer based user input/involvement which has met the same fate.


Where is this proposal? I’d be happy to join in :slight_smile:

It’s in the Moderators Forum, still under wraps. And your question about ‘how to become a mod?’, Timothy asked for recommendations in News and Discussion when he needed mods, Goofster asked existing mods for their recommendations. No-one knows when the next call will be or where it’s asked.


last i heard it’s going to happen next week.
ofcourse that was month ago … :slight_smile:


animation section would be awesome to see happen , hope to see it soon

Shall we go on strike ? not commiting animations until the forum is open ?

I have my Che Guevara T-shirt somewhere…