Animation segment for Kids TV Show in Afghanistan

My name is Tania I am the creator of a TV channel dedicated to kids in Afghanistan (i am the first and only person doing this) I want to dedicate a segment dedicated to teaching kids on coping with their emotions. Since the topic is heavy, and no one is doing I thought animation is the best way to make it fun and impactful. I don’t want to use premade shows and dub them because it will not be organic and in the Afghan context and or scenery. I am piloting this TV channel to prove to donors that we can do it and that it is done effectively. If I do get funded I will make sure your paid but for now I need volunteers to take this idea off the ground. The kids of Afghanistan only have Tom & Jerry and a once a week 20 minuet dubbed Sesame Street. I know that I can make an amazing station that kids can learn and cope with all that surrounds them. If you can help please feel free to contact me. Thanks Tania

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do you have character concept like drawings/pictures? maybe there are artists here who can bring your character to life?

I have some picture ideas but since i am a new user I am not able to upload on this context.
feel free to email me directly at tnfarzana@gmail so i can send them to you.

The story is around a brother and sister. The sister is 2 years older and she is beyond wiser then her 7 years, and the brother 5 who is mischievous, gets in trouble but is also very curious about the whys of everything. Their father is a solder, and their mom is a house wife. Both the elders and his sister help him deal with his emotions. I want them to look like any other kid in Afghanistan but be more funny and mischievous with their surroundings.
I hope this helps.

Hi Tania.
This sounds like a great project.
I can definitely help with building sets and props as well as some
animation. I have some series production workflow experience as well
from a project of my own that I was unable to complete. PM me if you would like to see some of my work.

If you still need help m me