Animation Seminar at my uni (Best day ever!!)

I don’t think there are words that can properly describe my joy right now.
My school has special seminars every semester and one of the this semester is Animation! :).

I almost missed it since I didn’t see it in the listing but fortunately a friend who knows about my interests told me about it (seriously, I owe her my soul or something).

Today was the first day and, while it looks like the focus will be 3d-animation, we’ll also do stop motion and stuff. The teacher is pretty awesome, he’s a comp-sci professor who usually teaches the computer graphics course. Anyways, if the first thing we did was watch a Wallace and Gromit short it should be sweet.

Even better I mentioned some of my experience with blender and there’s a decent chance that its the software we’ll be using. The other is likely Maya. Either one would be amazing from my standpoint.

There’s also a decent chance that we’ll be able to talk to some folks from Pixar ( :smiley: [!] ) and some alumns that went to Pixar may come in.

just a note, this isn’t a serious animation class or anything. It should be great to work with other people that have similar (an wildly different) interests on something we all love.
AFAIK there’s no “animation” class normally taught so this is a great oppurtunity. alot of people applied so I’m glad I got in.

Also, everyone gets to do a short "show and tell"ish thing about what they’ve done or anything interesting. I should have fun weeding through all my old animations to put together.

This one seminar is going to make up entirely for my writing class last semester.