Animation Sequence Editor

Is there a way to speed up or slow down a strip of animation in the animation sequence editor ?


By “animation sequence editor”, I assume you mean the Action Window/Editor. There is also the NLA (Non Linear Action) edtior window.

In the Action window you can select a block of keys and “scale” them using “S”, which actually moves all of the selected keys closer or farther apart, which will speed up / slow down the animation. If you select all of the keys in the actoin window (by pressing ‘a’), and scale all of the keys, the entire animation will change speed. Or you can use the b(lock) select to select one or more sections of keys and then scale them.

If you add the entire action as a strip in the NLA editor (SH-A), then you can just resize the strip which is the same as scaling all of the keys at once in the Action editor.

If you want to specifically change the speed of an X/Y/Z rotatoin/translatioin, you’ll have to go into the IPO editor and select the channel (animation curve) of choice, then press TAB to go into edit and move/scale the
points for that specific channel.


No I mean the Video Sequence Editor.

Oh, sorry about that :slight_smile:

As Emily used to say … “Never mind” …

As for the video editor, I don’t think so :smiley:


Don’t apologize for being helpfull.

map old map new in anim settings under f10 i think, there it is.