Animation sequences (Clips)

Hello everybody,

I did an animation in blender 2.79 but when i import it to UE4, it automatic Split into various sequences (Clips) and all of those clips doesn’t move a single inch and all of those clips are in the same position.

And as you can see, my model is a plane with rig (With Empty and no Bone) and of course, i did the animation in Object Mode because i don’t have the Pose mode.

So when i import the animation to UE4, it has a lot of clips and well, no one work (It work but it doesn’t move, only the bar of time).

I watched some videos, and all of them use Bones and when it import, it’s a single clip.

And the question, how do i import it into a single clip or do i have to change my rig to make it?

Thanks for the answer, i have a lot of problem when it comes to import… it’s already causing me crazy.

UE4 does not support non skeleton movements. You need an armature to export or do your movement using blueprint.