Animation: sign language gesturing.

I’ve been using blender for a few months and decided to try some bone rigging and animation.

i figured the best way to practice hand gesturing and movement was to try to animate some asl.

the animation is finished work, i just wanted to learn the basics of ik and the NLA editor for now. hope you like it and any c&c is welcome so i could improve. the signing spells the letters . PXL. oh yeah, i forgot the hit the subsurf button for rendering the palm before i rendered the animation. :o

the hand isn’t moving it’s the camera. i couldn’t find anything on camera movement during an animation, so i just created another armature with one bone, and parented the camera to that one bone. i probably could have just created a cube instead of another armature and had the same result.

hand animation. uses the xvid codec. divx5 supports it.

very interesting looking. I think the hand should be the same color as the fingers. But nice movements.