Animation size

Thanks to Richard and Randy I finished my simple animation but it comes in at around 25 mb, I have put it on one of my sites that I am not using at the moment but have not seen it play as it takes forever to load, admittedly I have a very slow Internet connection but have no problem with videos on other sites.
Do I have to compress it or something? any advice would be greatly appreciated as this field is totally new to me.

It’s a .mov container, so did you use qt-faststart flag when you rendered it? Or tick a ‘Make Streamable’ box in the encoder GUI :slight_smile: ?

Out of interest what codec did you choose?

You should be able to make it streamable using FFMPEG on the CLI or some other super dooper converter / demuxer / remuxer. :slight_smile:

I rendered it to image and then put those images together in the sequence editor and rendered it as a Quicktime movie, I can see I have a lot of work to do to understand the process.
I will start by trying to understand your suggestions, thanks.

Hey, rendering to image sequence rather than straight to movie was a good start, honestly and hopefully it will be quicker if you have to re encode to go from those image sequences. :slight_smile:

There’s lots of pretty good free video hosts. I like as it allows members to (sometimes) download the original uploaded video if they want. Suggest encoding using one the latest H.264 codecs, if possible, prior to uploading there. (See here for a good option.) And they support HD formats, too. But there are options a-plenty out there. And this will save your bandwidth costs.