Animation Speed? please help!

ive animated something, and then locked everything at frame1, and the locked everything again at frame 250. so in otherwords, one long movement between frame1 and 250.

then i rendered it.

then i realized the object was moving too slowly.

ii looked around the animation settings and changed frs/sec from 20 to 120. then i rendered it again.

no change.

im using AVI codec Microsoft Video 1. Compression 80.

can anybody help me?

how do i make it play faster? or how do i move the keyframe to another frame?

yeah please help.

I think ( i do it by heart ) that you should use the Kkey in the IPO window. At every key frame a yellow line appears. Select the one with RMB and move it with Gkey.

hope it helps.

Change to “Anim/Playback Buttons”. Adjust “Map Old” and “Map New”

If you only have two keys you could probably just select the end points in an IPO window and scale them back. That way the timing will be what you want from here on making it easier to make changes or additions (assuming you might want to do more). I find that if I use other methods to alter the replay time, further editing can be confusing.