Animation speed

Greetings one and all :). I noticed that when you animate something, like let’s say you want something to move across the screen in a straight line so you set two keyframes and Blender interpolates between the two, on the animation playback the object starts off slow, it takes a few moments to get up to speed, then when its approaching its last keyframe it starts gradually slowing down.

Is there any way to get the animation to start off right away and stop right away, instead of the ramping up and ramping down of speed?


  1. Select “SR:1-Animation” at the top menu bar Blender.

  2. In the IPO Curve Editor, you can see the interpolation (“IPO”) curves of any animated object you select. The IPO Curve Editor handles all kinds of interpolations in Blender, including material changes, texture, camera etc. It’s the same method for all.

  3. Select your animated object. Press Home to see all IPO-curves. All the curves describe the motion of the object across time. Notice how the curves are very smooth at the start and end. Now select the curves that you want to make linear/straighten then T for “IPO Type” and finally, select Linear from the menu. The curves will now be straight and the animation should have changed correspondingly. Press T and select Bezier from the menu to change the curves back to the original smooth shapes.

I suggest look in he Blender help Wiki or follow a tutorial to learn more about the animation system.

Tip: The NLA editor view is simpler to use when you have large number of objects. It gives a nice overview and it’s easy to adjust anim start/end but at the same time, it doesn’t offer the same amount of detail and control to individual interpolations. Use both at the same time for maximum ease :slight_smile:

There is a way indeed,
It is very simple: Open up the IPO curve editor and select the curve of the movement.
Then go to 'Interpolation modei and select ‘Constant’.
This will make the movement of the object constant, instead of having a little start-up and slow-down.

Lol, Jimmy Volatile,
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Thank you both for your replies. I really appreciate it :).