Animation Start

I am working on this animation and i have only done the rought draft part of it. Its a scene from Office space. But i wanted to show it and ask if i am on the right track.

here is a link

hope it works


Please can any one help me on Animation, Is Animation carrier is good, I want to learn it.

Just in case no one can see the video here is another link

looking quite nice

Where did you get the rig?
(Looking for something like him)
His blinking seems justified in parts of it but in part of it the blinks seem to random and unneeded.
After I sorta just space out for an hour,
the sync seems a little off.
Overall it’s good,
a background,some materials and some models would make it more interesting.
I used to say I had to model them but a couple minutes on turbo squid and the blender depository might yield some decent models.

The animation is pretty good,
his hand that touches his heads seems a little dead,
just slightly.
Man I should try to act a scene,
can’t think of what I’d do,
has to be easier than coming up with an idea and it must be nice to have a reference :slight_smile:

Teeswebraj,you can learn by simply follow tutorials on how to use blender.
When you get accustomed to the UI and how to do basic things,
you can experiment.
I’m 16 and I started to learn Maya when I was 13(I ditched Maya for blender),
I just did little experimental “leaps”(simple modeling,simple rigging…),
learned this enough to know how to use it but not necessarily be good at it, that test is done…
Eventually you will be good enough at the basics you can pick what you like and dislike.
I would like to warn you,
I have spent countless hours on lost cause projects(where I don’t learn anything),
try to do small projects and try to keep your optimism realistic.

I am still far form being that good at blender,
at most I have a decent/mediocre eye for animation that and know blender,
but am only good at some of it’s wide array of features and tools.

Yea, I kinda made this random. I did his eyes for part of it. But then other parts i kinda jsut left it. I also have not made his movements “Alive”. This is all a rough draft. But thanks for the great feedback. I jsut hope it gets better and becomes awesome hahaha

thanks again.

Camera movement is very distracting, I would make camera still so we can focus only to character animation.

I’d try to follow the camera shot from what your recreating.
I know what you mean,
I’ve been working on an acting draft he looks kinda dead :slight_smile:
I just general everything then refine when I’ve got the timing and such done,
basically what you done.
I think showing the scene your recreating would be a good idea,
keeping everything identical since the actor and his voice and how he moves all goes together.

Here is a link to the updated verison…This is close to the end so i hope you enjoy it

thanks for the input


some tips that might help:

  • The eyes should move in a jumpy pattern, not rotating slowly unless they are following something. Normally they focus on something for a moment and then they jump to something else.

  • The hands sometime penetrate the desk.

  • When he laughs, it doesn’t look natural for the character to hold his stomach, usually people doesn’t do that unless they are laughing a lot.

  • The movement of the hands look a little floaty. Add some texture to that movement like moving the right hand a little faster to scratch his head and letting it fall when he puts it in the desk again.

  • Avoid straight hands, always try to have the fingers a little bent, just like we do, it gives more life to the character.

Lip sync is good, can be improved at the end, but looks convincing.