Animation "Stress Ball - The Pool"

Hi, this is my first post here. A short animation, where I wanted to improve my Blender animation skills. Not as in character animation. But just to learn about the blender animation tools (2.79).

I learned a lot by making this movie.
And I tried to keep it simple.
But I am glad I have reached the finish line.

Telling a short story in a logical order is difficult.
Even if you have some sort of script in mind.

To keep render times low, I decided to keep low poly’s for all objects.
After all, A high poly model can easily be added later on.
That said, I’ve created 30 Blender animation scenes.
So changing all those files with higher definition of poly models, will be a lot of work.
Each scene varies in number of frames, ranging from 40 to 190 frames.
The total movie is about 2700 frames.

Most of the scenes start where the previous scene ended.
I changed only the camera position.
Some cut scenes where introduced, to give the story a flow of logic.
Or, I hope so.
I tried to follow the “12 animation principles”, but I quickly recognized that sometimes I used it too strong.
I needed more subtle movements or gestures. leading to more render nights.
And I did this a lot. Viewing, analysing the animation and render it again.

I estimate that I have spend more then 80 hours on this project. And many nights of Blender render.
I had some frustration, but most of the time it was all fun.
But I really glad that the story is complete.

There are still some issues left. For you to discover. So please leave any comments, feedback or appreciation on this forum. It is all part of the learning experience.