Animation students react to "Sprite Fright"

Looks like an interesting concept, having animation students watching the open movie and trying to figure out how things were made, and hearing all the “shape keys”, “geometry nodes” and “simulation” words popping up left and right.

It’s also good to see that Blender is starting to get adopted in schools alongside others like Maya and stuff.

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It doesn’t surprise me at all that Blender is taking over in schools. Today, the product does have professional-grade features and implement professional techniques to produce professional-grade results … and yet it costs nothing. Students can learn the approaches and work-flows that all of the “other” tools use, and this is the place to begin. Once you fully understand what you want to do with a tool, it’s easy to transfer that knowledge to any other tool.

Furthermore, an increasing number of professional shops are standardizing on Blender. Perhaps not the “giant motion-picture studios,” who understandably use different tool-chains, but it’s become a great big world out there. “Blender Has Arrived.” In any list of “professional” tools, Blender must be included.