Animation studies

Here is a link to my Vimeo profile, where I’ve uploaded some studies I’ve done of a bouncing ball. I learned a lot about squash & stretch, timing and spacing, and also about setting up a ball rig that gives a lot of control without being too complex.

the link:

Please feel free to comment & critique, here or on Vimeo.

Also, big thanks to feelgoodcomics and Lancer, who helped me solve some issues I had during the early stages of the studies.

PS. If anyone wants video tutorials on how I did the setup on these, respond and let me know.

nice studies,
It’s not perfect but it’s a good start

keep an eye on your squash & stretch - in the 1st one you have heaps of stretch on the way down and then hardly any when the ball is bouncing back up.
also check your curves as there is ease in and out on the ball’s height - correct
but there shouldn’t be any ease in/put for the rotation of the ball(or texture) at the apex
it looks really odd when the ball’s rotation slows down and then starts again
this will be the last curve in the action so it will automatically have ease on it

also the cannon anticipation “looks” good - but then the ball shoots out at about half the speed you expect with the anticipation so large.

Keep it up man

Yeah you are on the tight track working on the basics first. Keep it up!