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I will be starting an animation team soon that will offer trailers for products and services, banners, intros, and miscellaneous animations.
The team will be Blender based with the exception of banner creators.
I would like to assemble a small group of people to get started, I will now describe what I am looking for:

For now, I am looking for people that would like to help get it started, making a team showreel etc, and then you will be paid by commission. I would like for us to work as a team for most commissions but for smaller ones you can do them yourself.

Animators (2):
You should specialize in animation, have a decent portfolio to show me, and be able to finish a project in a timely manner.

Character design specialist (1):
Specialise in character design, have a good portfolio, be able to come up with creative characters and model, texture, and rig them in a timely manner.

Banner specialist (1):
Should be able to create high quality animated and static banners and have a large portfolio. This position does not require you to use Blender.

Application form (Reply to this thread or PM):



Description of yourself:

Past experience / portfolio:



Availability (hours per day):

All staff should have discord as that is how we will be communicating

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Sorry, I was not aware of the rules when I posted this, I believe this is technically deferred pay. Please move this to the volunteer work section.

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