Animation test for this crappy cartoon of mine

Knucklehead Junction is the name, yeah it’s supposed to look that bad. Any opinions on the scratch test are welcome, thanks.

this is totally cool , i love it :slight_smile:

haha awesome! :smiley: reminds me of the warden in superjail.

thanks yall. if anyone has any other concepts on toon rendering i’d be happy to hear em.

that looks quite nice XD i’m liking the style you are going for, its very cartoony XD

toon rendering really comes down to how one handles the edges and the settings for your shaders. shaders looks like you got a good grasp of things so far. as for lines, you could try the freestyle thread as it can be customised to something for you. the sobel way for advanced edge control could prove useful too!

hope to see more of your stuff!! XD

I really like the style!
Original and entertaining, a rare mix.
Nice work!