Animation test project. (battletech-mechwarrior)

This was a test which I’ve been working on to see if it’s feasable to go on and do a more detailed and extensive animation with a battletech-mechwarrior theme.

There are some big problems, especially with the first two or three seconds.

Next time I need to make sure that any actors have paths with the same duration. It helps to compare paths and timings.Then the speed can be set to zero in order to bring them to a stop. It will also help to have some extra frames left over on the path so everything can be moved along to get the timing right.

EDIT; Yes, the original was a little too clunky. This is my first ever animation project, and my first encounter with the action editor and NLA strips. So I think they came out OK in the end. Anyway, the trees didn’t render in the first version so I’ve re-rendered and posted A NEW VIDEO, and here are some true size production stills;

nice, the animation seemed kinda clunky in some places, like abnormally, nonmechwarrior-like clunky, but the texturing and the motion blur was spot on.

Hmmm… Only one reply?

Come on people, I’m not looking for praise here, I’d like some feedback. I’m going to make another animation with a similar theme and I want to make sure there’s nothing fundamentally wrong with this one before I start.

How about some questions on how I went about doing the mist? If you look carefully you’ll notice that the hills and objects are coloured differently depending on their compass heading. So that near the sun they match the sky colour of pink, whilst in the other direction the mist is blue/lavender.

Also what do you think about the models? I made these for a computer game version of the Battletech game called “Battletech Simulator” so they are very low poly, around 1400 triangles or just six or seven hundred quads. Would it be worth the extra rendering time for the next project to make new models or do these ones look OK?

I was thinking this looked like a very well made game trailer. Not as an insult, I just sorta noticed the low poly. Are you going for realism, because personally, I think the low poly ish thing gives em a kinda neat semi arcade style. The models look great, especially for how low poly they are. Nice job with those. Honestly, I didn’t notice the mist, so I guess it looked good :smiley:

The red guys running animation is a bit inconsistent like his leg seems to slow while hitting the ground and pushing off I think…

The effects, particularly the pink laser and jet pack need some tweaking, but I like it. Great stuff. For the muzzle flash, I’d make that come out quicker, and dissapear quicker.

Oh ya, the death scene at the end seemed kinda sudden, a little bit quick to end, and he glides in the air while falling down. Maybe add him skidding on the ground, or a roll, or a final attempt to get up or something ya know?

The effects need a lot of work, that’s something I’ve earmarked for the next animation. Some nice big bangs! ^-^

I’m aiming for the look of a kind of “in game footage” I love the asthetic of computer games, I don’t think there’s really a need to go all out for realism when making a CGI animation.

But I do need to work on the animation side, more practice needed I think. My main aim is to have an Animation which can renderall the way through on my crappy 2.6 dual core in a single night. If it takes more than that, there’s too much extra detail, so I’ve been keeping particles to a minimum for now, trying to get the same sort of look with geometry and transparent textures.

Looks pretty awesome, the legs seem to not bend the right way though. If you have the knee bend more th higher up it goes and have the other leg go back further when the one is up, then it would look a lot better.