Animation test

Hello there. So I did this animation and decided to share it on the animation forums aswell. Its part of an intro trailer for my project. The purpose of the animation was to test the rig that I just created for the character, test my speed-animating skills, test camera tracking. You will see that some of the objects arent aplyed to the armature witch is not a mistake, I just havent aplyed them yet for the sake of speed.

All is done in a single afternoon. Rendering is roughly 8 hours.

If you watch it I recommend to view it in full-screen. When I uploaded it Youtube made the video darker for some reason. Enjoy.

I really like the extreme blur you added, its a nice style. The animation looks rather good as well, i would just take care of the character so he doesn’t pass through the objects cause it’s bringing down the hard work you put into the other stuff.

I generaly wanted to set some keyframes and get a better feel of the timing etc. The scene and walls are just placeholder. They wont be used for the intro I will be making. There are a lot of errors that can be viewed, specialy when the character is in slow-motion. A lot of popping in the knee-caps, also some refinement will be aplied to the “normal” speed motions. Since I will be making a dinamic fighing scene also wanted to test some motion and sharpen filters.
Im glad you like it.

Very impressive! Is that model completely yours? because it’s impressive if you ask me. I can’t wait to see more.

Yes, all the objects in the scene(character, rig,weapons,materials) are made by me in Blender. Glad that you like it.

The first angle was bugging me but the second video where you get to see the detail of the animation was great. So many of the movements are fluid and graceful.

Yes, you are right. Like I mentioned above, the animation could use some different camera angles to complement the different parts of the video(specialy the last frames when the character is sheathing his weapon and taking the last pose). This was not the purpose of the test though. If I started to edit the clip it would have taken me quite more time.

I did some speed blur test witch you can check here. About the trailer currently Im building the “set” for the animation, the weird thing is I have it in writen form, so Im working on the story board now, camera placement as so forth. Its a fun proccess though. Also in regards to the game project I made 2 new cycles. I would love some feedback on them, although they are not fully completed yet.


Run cycle:

Walk cycle:

I intend to use that blur effect for a speciffic scene. My inspiration comes from here. Check at 4.21 to see exactly what I mean.

nice running animation. but i recommend let the left swinging arm move more fluidly.

your run cycle has no weight. Walk cycle is better. Your extreme fighting sequences from the first post are great from a special efects point of view – really cool slo mo and dashes but youdon’t have very naturally motion. No overlapping action, no inertia or bounce. You’re doing great as an effects artists, but maybe want to scale down the effects and perfect you animation

I really like the model and the style. Animations could be a bit more natural but when you’re animating super human fantasy ninja then, well, it’s not supposed to look natural :wink:

Thank you kind sir or miss for understanding what animation is all about. Letting your fantasy loose. :slight_smile:

If I want to recreate a realistic animations I would focus 100% on the implemented MoCap tools Blender is providing. I would try to mix styles and deffinitely I WONT go for realism but rather something that will be enjoyable to watch. Thank you for the feedback.

Ok here are the updated cycles + I did some work on a crouch cycle. When I saw the video something about the anckles and toes is bugging me. Gonna do some more work on it.




Any feedback is welcome.

I want to know what settings in the node editor you used to get that so called speed blur effect.

A filter set to Sharpen and a Vector blur filter.

Ok. I understood the Vector Blur filter but where the node that gives you the Sharpen option.


That simple huh? Ok. Have to test it out later.

Just finished working on a jump cycle. I made two different kinds since Im getting inspiration from few games I like a lot(Ninja Gainden/Prince of Persia/Assassins Creed). I would love to get some tips how to improve. I believe that there is very little you can do on a jump animation but those little final touches makes it look spectacular. So any suggestions are welcome.
The animations are full cycles with just added ‘location’ key-frames just to complement the movement.