Animation tests

Here I’ll be posting small animation tests with this Ball & Tail rig I made. (kind of like the ColaBola Rig, except this works a little different.)

This rig works different from ColaBola, in that it’s all one rig (ColaBola was 2 separate, for ball and tail), and this one doesn’t have the tail vertex parented to the ball, which created mesh lag for me, which was extremely annoying. This rig doesn’t have mesh lag, and is very easy to work with. (Plus you can proxify it!)

If you want to use it, you can download it here.

But that’s not the reason I created this thread-

I created this thread for animation tests, which instead of the usual walks and stuff, I’m starting from the ground up. That means I’m studying timing and spacing, and what my workflow is. I will post my stuff in this thread.
My most recent test.


put it on youtube, or Vimeo those other sites are hassles.

alright. I’ll put on Vimeo.

EDIT: I chose a bad time to create this thread-right after I started I signed on to the ColdBlood FPS game project as an animator, so I won’t be posting tests as often as I would like.

It does not work for me initially. Is there baking involved?

? the video? it’s up now.