animation time tweaking

hello there,
recently I made an animation which appears a bit to fast.
I would like to slow it down a bit without tweaking the fcurves (to messy)
I thought that it should be possible to increase the amount of FPS
and then play it in a normal speed but after a few tests I resigned.
I have no idea how to achieve this effect in Blender.
Anyone please?

In the graph editor, with whatever curves you want to change selected, use the s-key to scale. x-key restricts scaling to left/right direction - meaning frames or time. y-key restricts to horizontal movement - meaning loc/rot/scale coordinates. In the graph editor, under the key menu -> transform gives you the scaling along with other transformation options, grab/move, etc…

It takes a bit of playing around to get the hang of it, oh and also, while scaling, you can enter numeric values. Say you select all the curves, s-key to scale, x-key to scale in the time direction, then enter 2 on the keyboard will scale everything by a factor of 2, basically doubling the time.


ok thanks,
but I want to do it the hard way,
and the basic question is:
how to render more frames a second than there is on the timeline.
does it make any sense :confused:

I don’t think Blender works like C4D in that respect. In C4D output looks that the FPS setting and actually renders the number of frames per second. Blender just renders an image per frame and ignores the FPS (as far as I can tell.) SO the only way to get more frames is to extend your output and extend your fcurves/IPO. I think you get the picture.

the reason for that is
I’ve got a cycle of two shift changing fcurves with constant interpolation
and when I scale them with anything other then 2 it loose the correct pattern…