Animation to XNA

Boy do i have some questions…

I’m not a person that likes to ask questions on forums, but i have searched and looked everywhere, the resources for this seems so low.

I have a model that is made up of alot of different components i.e


Now basically i thought i could just move the hands feet and arms and make keyframes to animate the character i can do this in blender and it looks alright nothing to bad, i’m not trying to make this summers smash hit its just a learning experience.

Now my problem is what the hell do i do to play the animation and make it work correctly in XNA?

I can put the model into Xna, It looks ok not as good as in blender but ok, but its not moving?

I’m happy to read over anything but i’d love some advice, do i need bones to make an animation in XNA can i not just move parts to make my animation and play it in XNA?

Do i have to group or join my model up some how in order to rig it with bones if i need to?

I know thats alot of questions but i’m going crazy at the moment.

Hi I am in the middle a future project on XNA using Blender (but no code I will be just modeller and animator) and I got a lot of things googling around internet.

First “error” I see is that XNA does not read names with the dot simbol, so rename the things. XNA reads .x files that can export as well animation. Animations can be bad exported, so export different versions of the file naming with a number the versions. If something does not work try at first just to re-export if nothing happens just change something or check the exporter options.

The model will loose a lot of informations: smoothing and other things has to be implemented with code by the reader of your application, textures has to be UVmapped, I don’t know about materials or bump map yet but I think they won’t look like in Blender.

Hope this helps.

Thanks, i have been exporting to .FBX i find that it works for me while .x wasn’t.

The model itself looks ok its not perfect but my textures appear and there not UV mapped there just applied.

My actual problem is that i don’t understand how to use the animation in XNA and also if i have to make my model into one model(as i said above i have different components to my model.

i was hoping to just animate him and export the character to FBX and use keyframes as a cicle like play keyframes 1 - 50 and repeat for a walk cycle.

Thank you so much for the reply but i’m sorry but i’m still very confused,

I can’t help you on the code right now. But I will soon do some tests with the developer and maybe I can figure out something for you.

For the UV I found an article about it bur they talked about .X not .FBX, I hope I can help you after the tests I will run.