Animation Trouble

I’m very new to Blender, and I’m having difficulties animating my character. I position him for the first frame, and then I press “i”, then LocRotScale. I think that means I took a frame. I move to frame 2. I move his eyes, and his legs, as well as his arms.
LocRotScale for frame 2, right? Well, I move back to frame one to see the progress, and It only recorded the last movement I made. If I position his eyes, and then I position his legs, after LocRotScale, only the legs move!!! Help!

All bones or objects you want to insert a Keyframe to should be selected before pressing “I”.
It sounds like you keyframed just the last selected.


How do you select multiple bones?

Right click one then Shift + Right mouse click on another one

Another trick:
To select a string of connected bones press “L” instead of right clicking them.
This helps speed things up in some cases.