animation tutorial

Hi there im looking for a tutorial that will show me how to animate a logo. i have already produced a logo, the animation i am looking to do is to slide some text on to the screen and then Stamp down individual letters on the screen…
so they appear from above as if someone has stamped them down with a hammer on to some cubes

I hope this makes sense…! cause i really need a tutorial but dont know where to find something similar to do this task…


hm, you should look for animation tutorials - animating objects, and maybe Relative Vertex Keys (RVK’s), Lattice animation or Armatures - if you need some deformation in your animation.

the basics:

  • move object
  • press I, select Loc (this sets a key for location)
  • move frame slider to new time
  • translate object to new position, or rotate, or scale it
  • again press I, then select the channels you wish to be keyed (Loc, Rot, Sclae etc)

and so on

scrub or play animation often to get a good timing.

for retiming, go to an IPO window (shift + F6) and press K to toggle key mode. now you cen select the vertical lines (keys) with your RMB and move them forth and back (G, like grabber in any 3d viewport) to slow down/speed up the motion you created.

hope this helps a little


Marin, thanks for the K key tip on the IPO window. I only knew that on the 3D view. Two more shortcuts for the Key mode: PageUp and PageDown move the cursor from keyframe to keyframe.

personally, I wouldn’t do the stamping effect with vertex keys. How would we do this? Booleans maybe, or manually adjusting the vetices?

An easier way may be to use a displacement or normal map and animate it, so the depression shows up just after the stamp comes down.

edit: oh, I missed the context of your question. Your saying that a hammer hits the text, embedding it into a cube. The way I described may still work if you blur the map a bit so the depression becomes curved instead of sharp.

Either annimate your text to move from a hidden frame to the visible one at the frame that it is stamped, or annimate it to move thru the background plane (paper) to the visible side at that frame.


well then, thanks for that arangel - i didn’t know about it.


me neither! :smiley:
hmmm,…I feel I must contribute some obscure animation knowledge now,…how about ‘ctrl R’ ( in IPO window ) for record mouse? :wink:

hi thanks guys!!!
its great to hear the different methods !!
lets hope i can get blender animating now! she says with confidence :wink:
the thing i did forget to mention is that i am an atrocious beginner struggling like mad!! %| (i bet Fligh is noddin his head here!) , is there any tutorials that ud recommend bitte? :expressionless: