animation tutorial

helo there im trying to make game and i was wanting my person that ive made to walk but every time i try to get his arms or legs in the right position it brings some other part with it.
so can someone give me a tutorial on how to animate my person in the blender game engine. also ive seen other tutorials for this but they dont help but it loos lie their models have bones in them but mine dosent. so im going to give you my blender file so you can see what ive done wrong

in the tutorials please use pictures because im a noob

or could you just give a simple basic tutorial on animation

You really should post this in the “Animation Section” with your attempts. Most people are happy to help someone who is honestly trying to do something and learn… Handing out your model and saying: “Here, do this for me” usually doesn’t draw much sympathy…

oh ok ill do that
but i was’nt saying to do it for me. its just that my model dosent have bones
and on other tutorials ive seen who are animateing it have bones.
i just dont know how to animate it or put bones in