[Animation] Underground Base

First off, the videos were rendered before I added more materials to the walls and the floors (and I removed the two barrels)

I’m trying to go for an eerie vibe. Something ominous. When the camera tilts down after the police yellow tape, I want there to be lots of blood. Unfortunately I’m unable to get the exact look I want. I’ve tried countless fluid simulations in various ways but I don’t think I know quite yet how to achieve the amount and look/splatter of the blood. I’ve checked out so many YouTube fluid simulation tutorials but I’m still unhappy with the results. I know it’s possible, it’s just frustrating since my lack of skill hinders it. Any help on this is greatly appreciated.

And if someone could provide any insight on how to colorize the thing, cause it looks super boring, black and white (which I initially did want, but it now just feels bland?)

Anyway just thought of sharing my WiP. This is the first time I’m creating an animation. A lot of thanks to CG Geek and BlenderGuru for their helpful tutorials.

Suggestions/critiques are welcomed and encouraged.