Animation Unit Scale Issue

So when I export a skin and rig using the metric system, meters, and the scale set to 1, the object imports into my game engine fine. When I export the animation with the same scale, it exports perfectly. However, when I use the retargeting system in my game engine, the scale of the animation scales up 100 times larger. I am able to resolve my issue in the game engine by scaling down the unit size in blender to .01, but only if I do it when I export the animation, and not the rig. The animation also works without retargeting with the .01 scale. Is there a setting I can use to make my animations export with the correct scale?

In general, you don’t rescale a ring when exporting off Blender, I usually causes some mess.

I’d rather try to look at a one shot solution in the game engine, either an option to check in the import settings (and hopefully he will remember so you don’t have to think about it all the time), or a trick in the asset management like a scale in the mesh instead of the animations, or somewhere in the prefab, … Whatever allows you to do the trick once and for all.

When you say “using the metric system”, it’s unclear what you mean.
In Blender, the usual convention is 1 blender unit = 1 metre.

Also, it would help if you explained what game engine you’re using.

Yeah, I’m concerned about the long term stability of downscaling animations every time I export them. I’ve tried changing the FBX import settings of the animations in the game engine but you can only change the scale when not retargeting. So it seems that whatever scale is set on export, is the scale that the retargeting system uses, but not retargeting animations uses relative dimensions? Otherwise how would an animation work perfectly with full scale and 1/100th scale. It’s all very confusing, to be honest.

In blender in the scene settings, there is the “unit system: metric”. That’s what I meant. My settings were set to metric, unit scale: 1, length: meters. I had to change my unit scale to .01 in order to get retargeting to work in the game engine. I’m using lumberyard.