Animation: Update: Very low score received.

I just finished making my film, which I entered in to a scholarship a few weeks ago, copyright safe, so here it is, on my new domain name:

It’s late, hope you enjoy it!

My Score is posted at the end :frowning:

I like the music. It fits very well to the situation. That gives the whole thing a good atmosphere. But what I don’t like is the way you shot it. It looks far too mechanical. It looks flat. It breaks the soft feel of the piece IMO. Your camera moves are too rigid, not soft enough and the composition of the image in many shots is flat, it has no depth. It could have been very poetic if you had paid much more attention to the camera.
Now I might sound a bit rude because I’m a director and that’s what strike me from the first shot. Hope you take no offence of my crit :slight_smile:
Good video anyway. Very original.
Keep it up.

Thanks for critiques. I didn’t really have any time to finish it because I had to use windows to use render planet, and I kept losing frames because they would become corrupted. Because of that, I only had two hours before my deadline to completely edit and make the sound (which I have been changing due to copyright issues with the Bobby McFerrin music). The first image has no depth because it is a “Ken Burns” effected still, and I didn’t have time to render it with the camera moving. I also would have liked to add dissolving transitions in the first shot, but it screwed up my soundtrack. I will have to go back and add some black at the beginning to make up for lost time so that I can add those dissolves. I think I will drop the Bobby McFerrin all together so that I can completely stick to my own music. I’m so glad that you liked the music, because that is all I have changed since the original, and people liked the original so much that I was afraid I was ruining the movie.

Sorry about how long this post is,
Micah Fitch

i like the water effect in the movie. but what i do not like is the character
animation. he walks very bad. in case this could be improved the movie
would strike better!


Very good, I enjoyed the movie and scenes were nicely rendered. I thought the water looked particularly good.

Yea it’s my first character animation.

I just updated my movie so that it includes all original music and some touchups in editing and sound.

I liked it. The animation was pretty good for your first time and the story was conveyed very well, IMO.

It could still do with some more work though.

Do you think the new music went along well with the movie? I just improvised it while watching the movie, on a little toy-sized synth. I tried to make it sound like 70s jazz from children’s TV…

The music is fine. :wink:

Yes, I think the music works well.

I like your film - I saw the 3 still images in the Splash Screen Contest thread and I thought ‘that looks original’.

I agree about the character animation, but you said it was your first one and I know that there is much to learn before movements look convincing. The water effect fits very good into the look of your film. I’m really looking forward to your next works.

Yea, I need to get a new computer for animation because this one sucks. It is super slow in playback. 450 mhz doesn’t cut it any more. Before college I think I will be getting an iBook :smiley: . I guess part of the reason my animation sucked is because I really couldn’t watch it play back in real time.


I liked it very much too. OK, I agree, the walk is not perfect but… Actually, unlike IgorSandman, I liked the way you were shooting “mechanically” (but I’m not so qualified). I have a little problem with the change of camera when Mr Fish is walking in the BR (it looks from the previous shot that he should be farther in). That’s a detail.

Congratulations on the music.

I kept the best for the end (to join my voice with those of others): I found that in most instances your water is one of the best I have seen. I particularly liked it when Mr. Fish (whatever his name) was being submerged. That’s a great peace shot… I loved it too when water was flowing out of the faucet (can you share your trick here?).

Good luck w/ your scholarship.


Here is a useful tip:
If you are not good at a particular thing (in this case charcter animation), then try to use techniques to avoid it… like instead of the character walking into the bathroom, you could have made him like slide in the hall, turn, then enter the bathroom

… I think it’s difficult to improve your skills in certain techniques if you just avoid using them ;).

He is supposed to be sleepwalking, so sliding in would be a little bit too energetic for what I was looking for…

Hey, fitchmicah!

I love the water effect. Could you tell me how thw water was made? And be descriptive. :smiley:

  • Ian

I got my score back on this film. It’s much lower than I expected:


There are no comments or anything. I also got 4/10 on my jazz piano entry. Weird. Almost like they didn’t even look at it. :-?
There went my $100.

You can check out stuff here:

I thought that technically it was pretty good but it was LOOOOOOOOOOONG and drawn out. This story could have been told effectively in 1/4 to 1/8 the time.

the score still makes me sad.