Animation upgrades too, the latest commits


(Ace Dragon) #41

You will now be able to simply dump a raw action into the NLA editor and watch it work as you would expect (ie. no time-maps needed).

Also to note, Mr. Gavrilov has yet another patch on the site related to combining multiple actions (but it’s not in master yet).

(Ace Dragon) #42

The action blending modes have gotten a significant boost in terms of intelligence (which is the patch mentioned in the previous post).

This comes right after a commit improving the ability to tweak all animation channels at once.

(Kelthor) #43

I can’t tell you how exited I am for the NLA editor getting these much-needed improvements. I remember when I discovered the thing, I thought it strange I’d never heard of it. I used it a ton and had fun with it, but it was clearly wonky and frustrating at times. I basically put it out of my mind because of that, but lo-and behold, we’re right back in it.

It’s really encouraging that something like this can come right out of the blue.

(Hadriscus) #44

That’s the beauty of open source. :slight_smile: People like @agavrilov can just jump in and have a go at it.

(zanzio) #45

He didn’t mean the guy did something horrible. Calling someone a “monster” can be used as a hyperbole for describing how talented that person is. It is like saying someone is a super human.