Animation upon collision (whats wrong here..) *brainfart*

I have 2 meshes, mesh (A) swings a sword. On that sword is a box. The box has a property “Sword”

Mesh (B) also has a box, it is about the size of the mesh itself.

In the logic for Mesh (B) Collsion with property Sword AND Action play frames 1-10 (1-10 = taking damage animation)

The expected result should be Mesh (A) swings sword and Mesh (B) play an animation of taking damage when hit.

But the only thing that happens when I click my mouse is Mesh (A) swings his sword. BUT, mesh (B) does nothing.

So what is this brain fart I am having?

.blend ??

I can’t say unless I see your set up :smiley:

Here is a demo :smiley:

this has - enemy stamina

player - damage

player - defense

player - health

Punch animation trigger

Recived hit animation sequencer (no action yet)

start file, hit a to try it :smiley:


PunchCheck.blend (441 KB)