Animation using empties not showing in timeline

hi! I’ve created an animation with a simple camera pan. I have a lot of objects in the animation moving together so I used an empty to keyframe the start and end points and used the empty as a parent for stuff I wanted to move. This worked fine, but nothing is showing up in either the timeline, the dope sheet or the graph editor and so I can’t change the motion from ease to linear. Is this default for an empty? I just want to animate the empty and have everything else follow it but I want to be able to then adjust the motion in the graph editor and timeline.

I managed to find an answer on another forum… well not an asnwer as such as I still don’t know why I couldn’t see the keyframes or motion of the empty, but I found a way to show it…

Sharing in case it helps someone else.


  • Switch your Dopesheet to Action Editor mode.
  • Click on the dropdown menu on the left of the New button, you’ll find your action, click on it to reload it.


  • Open your NLA Editor.
  • Select the yellow strip and press Tab.
  • Now the animation appears in the Dopesheet .