Animation using nodes

Is there a way to render an animation using nodes without having to render each layer individually and then compiling them? And if so are there any good tutorials that i can follow that help with this issue?
Any help is apppreciated.:slight_smile:

Your question is very vague. What are you wanting to achieve with nodes ?

Just some simple distortions and blurs on the background along with some alpha over on the objects themselves which are just simple 3d objects that are spinning towards the camera view. Right now im using movie clip input to render the entire animation but that requires me to make individual movie clips and as you know that takes quiet a bit of time. Which if there is an easier way iโ€™d rather not go through that.
Im relatively new to the software so tutorials that you know would be very helpful.

If I understand you right, youโ€™re rendering each element of your scene separately and then using the compositor to combine them. This is unnecessary for the simple scene you describe. You can do the compositing straight away by using renderlayers, and rendering to images. has an excellent introductory tutorial on compositing using a simple scene. Look for the one where he composites the stoplight with blurred lights in the background.

Thanks for the information its much appreciated.