animation wanted for new video blog opening sequence - unpaid

Hi there,
My friend and i have recently been recording video blogs, which will soon be posted to youtube, on a regular basis.
Before that however, we need an opening animation, and I was hoping someone here could perhaps produce something for us.

It doesn’t have to be long, 3-6 seconds. The vlog is called ‘The Gooey Project’ so the opening could perhaps include a splat of goo or slime(probably in green) across the screen followed by the words The Gooey Project appearing. Hopefully some of you can be creative and come up with something, any help would be much appreciated. If you have an ideas/ submissions please post as a reply or send me a private message.
Many thanks in advance,
Greg C

:no::no::no::no::D:D:D:Dha ha ha… what is going on on this Blender Artist Forum that goofys are always looking for free work for their personal benefit? I just can believe it. I would do it for free if the day comes when I go to whataburguer and ask for an unpaid bacon hamburger ! This is getting funny, learn Blender if you want to accomplish your own projects, otherwise you must pay to talented artists ! PERIOD !:yes:

Here in US you do not get even a glass of water for free…so? :eek:

i totally agree,

see blender is a free software, so just try and learn it :wink: you will have more benefit from that… i think a simple animation like that will take someone new to blender only a week, there are so much nice tutorials and you will get help from users here in the Board!

PS: if you try it out: use fluid and model your letters :wink: