animation with 3d coordinates

I tracked 3 points on an object moving in space at a rate of 1 reading a second - (i.e sunflower following the sun during the day). Now I have hundreds of (X,Y,Z) coordinates in TXT format for those 3 points. I also scanned the object with the NextEngine laser scanner, so I have a 3d STL model. I would like to now take the 3d model and animate it using the (X,Y,Z) data. I know which vertexes the 3 original points correspond to, so it seems like its doable, but I just can’t figure out how to input my X,Y,Z data into blender. I can easily animate it by hand, but I lose the intricacy of the movement and its really time consuming. Any ideas??

I believe this will be a time-consuming project no matter what approach you take. What you’re essentially doing is MoCap from the ground up – not a trivial task. The only solution I can envision that doesn’t require hand entry of data is a script, but that means either having or acquiring BPython skills unless an existing script can be used or adapted.