animation with displacement modifier


around a year or more ago somebody published a movie with a figure dancing to pretty distorted music. The figure was mainly a wire mesh and roughly animated. It took place in three rooms each with a different color.

But i cannot find nor remember who did the work. can anybody maybe help me?

i would like to show that my multimedia students here.


Oh, that thing. That was pretty twisted.

It was Tanssi, made by Basse for the noise music group ‘Grey Park’.

so, matt, do you like forget anything? How do you do it? And further, how can you associate “wire mesh dancing” with that specific video? amazing…

We worked together in Amsterdam for 7 months, I’ve seen it a few times :wink:

good point.

man you guys should put it into the animation gallery!!!

somebody remembered… snif

its the first part of the song… the second part was on the works for quite some time and then i gave up because it didnt work out like i wanted to… and i got depressed about the whole thing. i really should get moving with the greypark stuff again.

on, and btw, displacement modifier didn’t exist back then… i think none of the modifiers did. it’s noise in disp channel.


I loved that animation.