Animation with MoCap - Blender or Maya/Motionbuilder

I don´t know if someone will be angry if i ask such a question here in a Blender-Forum… but where else could i find a lot of people with experience in this area?

So my question: I want to do a lot of animation with kinect, brekel pro face and pro body… i tried it with Blender but without success… i also have a copy of maya 2015 and motionbuilder and this seems a little bit easier and motionbuilder seems to be build for that.
But i really like the concept of Blender and this is the only programm i got into a little bit (i do not know anything about maya and motionbuilder yet).

So can anybody can give me an advice: should i give maya and motionbuilder a chance especially when i know that i will do a lot of animation and not so much modelling or should i stay with Blender and try until i suceed with that?

Thanks for the answer.

Since i am not a “pro” in Blender and even less in Maya and MB i am wondering if there is anybody in this forum who uses all these programs and could maybe give me some recommendations based on the information that i just want to build one character which i want to animate within the same scenery over and over with mocap (brekel) data. In the long term: would it be better/easier/less problematic to do this in Blender or Maya/MB? Or is it really all about personal preferences?

To be honest, for one character, I’d do it in Blender, it’s more than capable and can import standard mocap files as well. There are plenty of tutorials out there to guide you too, both for creating the character and importing mocap data. :slight_smile:

You guys sure arn’t very helpful on this forum. I can’t find any good useful information so I tried it out myself. Blender Animation tools are lacking big time, and compared to motion builder / maya for motion retargeting/mocap/adjusting and workflow its so much harder, you basically get no help from the tools. in the autodesk programs its a breeze to apply it to characters of all different sizes, and change any part of the animation easily. I’m not trying to come off as bashing blender, but I’ve researched and seen so many threads of ppl asking legit questions about issues importing FBX to animation, and no one helps them or they say blender is just as good, but sorry no, blender is not just as good at animation as maya is.

Dude, 4 years later? Of course Motionbuilder is superior, it always was, it’s designed purely for character animation. Aas I said 4 years ago, depends what you are doing. Again, 4 years to reply though?