Animation with small arrow in outliner

Hello, maybe this will sound dumb for some, but somebody can tell me what this is, and how to delete it, while keeping the mesh. I downloaded a couple of meshes, and some have this
Capture d’écran 2021-02-09 091937

Navigate to the Action Editor…un-assign the action in the center drop-down ( Hit X)
After you do this for all the ones in the file…
Go to Object Mode, Select > File > Clean-up > Purge and click yes…

if it has a Armature Modifier delete it…Bones…select and delete… UNLESS You are going to POSE the Object, if so just leave them…

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i can’t find the Clean up thing on 2.90. i found orphan data, but had to delete one by one (shift + LMB) which i find a bit tiedous

you can also select objects and search (F3) for Remove animation

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