animation with sound

How can I render animation with listening sound in the Blender 2.33.

you can’t

in any version of blender

use the mixdown button (in sound buttons, when you go to the scene buttons [f10] the display buttons, animation buttons, and sound buttons become avalible) and press the mixdown button

this will create a single wav file corresponding to your animation

it will need to be combined with what you render in another application, blender can’t do this

Its not good news for me. I need listen and watch animation.
thx for answer

you can hear sounds while scrubbing/playing the animation within blender. also works in the sequence editor. it’s just not possible to export movies with sound - you’ll need an external application like virtual dub to do that.

to hear sounds load a sample into the sequence editor, then go to the scene buttons, go to sounds and enable scrub. so you can easily sync your animation to a sound