Animation with two rigs (rigify)

I´m trying to connect two IK Rigs for an animation.
I have two characters rigged up with rigify. I placed the IK Hand of Character one on the shoulder of Character two. Is it possible to keep the Hand of Character one on the shoulder while Character two is bending the upper body so that the hand and the arm is following the movement?

I think I know what you’re talking about. You want to basically anchor the hand ik controller to the shoulder controller of the other character? What you wanna use is a bone constraint called “Child Of.”
1:Select the hand ik controller
2:Click on the "Bone Constraint Properties
3:Click “add Bone Constraint”—>find “Child of”
4:in the “Target” box click the eydropper and then select your rig. A new box called “bone” will appear.
5: In the “bone” box type the name of the bone closest to where you want to anchor the hand
and select it. (you’ll probably want to select the should controller)
6: your hand will probably flip out, don’t panic. Just play with the setting (mess with the “set inverse”, “clear inverse” etc. until it sits right.

Hope this helps!

So simple! Thank you very much. I still have to learn a lot about Blender :wink:

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Glad it helped!